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Jorge Colombo was born in 1963 in Lisbon, Portugal; moved to the USA in 1989. Has lived in Chicago and in San Francisco. Living in New York City since 1998 with his wife, artist Amy Yoes. He has worked as an illustrator, as a photographer, and as a graphic designer.

After using mostly ink and of watercolor for decades, he started finger-painting on an iPhone in 2009. His cover illustration for the that year's June 1 issue of The New Yorker was the first one created on an iPhone for a major magazine. He currently works almost exclusively on touch-screens (iPhone or iPad).

The book "New York: Finger Paintings by Jorge Colombo," containing one hundred landscapes created on an iPhone, plus essays by Jen Bekman, Christoph Niemann, and JC, was published in 2011 by Chronicle Books in association with The exhibition "Night Windows", featuring prints of NYC images, opened December 2011 at Jen Bekman Gallery.

He has three books published in Portugal: "Fullerton," a collection of his watercolor drawings from the 1990s; "Of Big and of Small Love," a photographic novel created in collaboration with novelist Inês Pedrosa; and "Lisboa Revisitada," photographs after poems by Álvaro de Campos, which were exhibited at Casa Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon. He currently shoots with an iPhone for the most part.

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